Main Goals


RioFC is the leading soccer academy that strives to provide your children with supplemental education. Each player that signs up with RioFC will be cognitively assessed by a certified assessor to better plan for the players learning needs. These plans  outline specific learning strategies and the process for each to become independent learners and build their self-esteem and confidence. Each plan ultimately creates an overall improvement in a student’s academic performance.


Soccer is used as a vehicle to help players learn about decision making, commitment, and hard work. Strength and conditioning programs will  be designed per player and grouped with others at the same level. It will include building strength, power, endurance, agility, speed and coordination. Along with this, RioFC will instruct your children in developing skills (footwork & accuracy), resilience, discipline and good sportsmanship while also creating individual short and long term goals. It is important for the players to undertsand how dedicated soccer players need to be in regards to their cardiovascular health and general wellness.